Monday, 10 October 2011

Taking the Deptford biscuit - I finally got my paws on some

After searching far and wide I finally got my paws on some Deptford biscuits. This was after seeing some dopplegangers who could have easily come from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean walking down Deptford High Street. As they were carrying a basket full of the biscuits they must have been a part of the Make and Bake session at the Deptford Centre on Creekside. I looked around and they had gone just as mysteriously as they first appeared.
Well I finally made it to the Deptford Centre after watching the brilliant reds win the Merseyside Derby. Upon arrival I was offered some biscuits but unfortunately I did not make it in time to do the Make and Bake. Thankfully I was able to collect some biscuits including a beautifully packaged one depicting St Paul's Church and two others depicting Francis Drake and Elizabeth I. It is such an interesting project evoking the history of Deptford, bravo to Ashton and Mollett for getting everyone involved in this worthwhile endeavour -
So much so that I might persuade my close friend to produce some Deptford inspired ceramics ahead of next year's Deptford X. Perhaps her work could be inspired by the patterned ceramic pieces I have been finding on the shores of The Thames off Watergate Street. More about this next time...

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