Saturday, 24 September 2011

Who Let the Dog's Out? Rioting Hounds Make a Dog's Dinner of Ceramic Pieces at Deptford X Show

On Friday evening I attended the opening of Infractus 82 which included some imaginative ceramic pieces by Anja Lubach depicting faces, skulls and roses which had all been pushed into the surface of the clay.
Whilst enjoying the opening a number of weird human dog hybrids turned up and proceeded to trash the show. Firstly what can only be described as a homeless drunk mongrel arrived and sat on one of the works completely destroying it. Carrying a very old tape recorder playing some music and a can of special brew it began to make a dog's dinner of the display. This bizarre creature must have attracted the scent of a police hound who followed the crazy dog into the space. The police dog tried to arrest the miscreant and this is when a comedy scuffle occurred, ending up with the hound handcuffing himself while the offender still remained unshackled. Eventually a firedog came to the rescue but not before accidentally destroying another piece with the oxygen tank strapped to its back!
This surreal performance was dreamt up by George Tomlinson, associate artist from the well known theatre group Shunt, although judging by the shock on some people's faces they were genuinely concerned about the welfare of the ceramic pieces...
 Drunken mongrel leaves destruction in its wake after sitting on ceramic piece

 It was too drunk to realise that the edges of the clay were so sharp!

 A police hound sniffed out trouble and tried to restore order at the opening!

Not even the fire dog could save the works from smashing during this melee

I now need to find my Deptford biscuit after all of this exhausting art viewing!

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